Saturday, December 12, 2009

John's Typical Cliched Blogger "Best of 2009" Post

Best Album of 2009: Killswitch Engage - Killswitch Engage

KSE continues to evolve their sound, making it slightly cleaner on vocals and cleaner on rythm, while still maintaining the thrash aspects and the powerful screams. Their video/radio-friendly "Starting Over" is the "weakest" tune of the track but still a lot of fun. Favourites of mine include Reckoning, and the head-bangingly brutal Save Me.

Honourable Mention: Megadeth - Endgame

Best Book of 2009: Dan Simmons - Drood

I was surprised this ended up my favourite of '09, as opposed to a sci-fi book... But I realized most of my great sci-fi/fantasy reads this year weren't published in '09... But Drood was just awesome, a great paranormaly-charged, brooding, dark mystery involving Charles Dickens and Wilkey Collins. The tension and fear are palpable for the entire book as you descend further and further into Wilkey's madness (or is it madness?) I eagerly await Guillermo del Toro's movie version.

Honourable Mention: Alan Campbell - God of Clocks

Best Movie of 2009: District 9

So hard to choose just one, but I'll go with District 9. It's fantastic, plain and simple. Great sci-fi, great social commentary, great special effects on a relatively low budget.

Honourable Mention: Star Trek, Coraline, 9

Best Fight of 2009: Couture vs. Nogueira, UFC 102.

Despite going to a decision, these two former HW Champs and legends in the sport still put on a clinic of dirty boxing and greco wrestling that made all the young guns this year look like crap.

Honourable Mention: St. Pierre vs Penn II, UFC 94 (Not because it was a great fight, but bceause it was a one-sided thrashing that sent the whining prick back to LW for good.

Best TV Show of 2009: Fringe

It was the best show last year too. I'm insanely hooked on this show, and never know where it's gonna go next. It's like the X-Files with better production values and special effects, and a more cohesive storyline.

Honourable Mention: The Tonight Show with Conan O'brien (still the funniest man on TV)

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