Thursday, October 22, 2009

Why NASCAR Pit Stops are Better Than Formula One Pit Stops

Every time Peter Delorenzo opens his mouth about NASCAR, one of his biggest gripes is the pit stops--he claims that NASCAR pit stops should be Formula One or FIA GT style... Center-post jacks in the car, single-lug hubs, and automatic fuel rigs with the big giant hose.

Has he seen this?

Or for that matter, the most notorious one:

BEYOND the fact that NASCAR pit stops are exciting, heart-pounding athletic contests that are every bit as entertaining as the racing... DeLorenzo's argument is that modern fueling and pit stop systems are safer. When was the last time you saw fires like this in a NASCAR race? I can only count one pit fire in recent memory off the top of my head, and it wasn't even involving the car itself. It seems like Formula One can't go two races without running someone over in the pits or having a catastrophic explosion.

And how does it so often happen? The fuel hose gets stuck, rips or separates and spews fuel everywhere.

Yeah, I think I'll put my vote in for the beautiful athletic perfection of a NASCAR pit stop, with only two tire changers, an impact gun, a jackman and 20 lug nuts. Epic:

Oh and look at that. One little sprinkle of fuel on the trunklid. Oops.

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