Monday, October 12, 2009

TV This Fall...

Some good, some bad. And of course, possible cancellations for the good. My problem is that I'm running out of time to watch so much TV!

Defying Gravity

Surprise surprise, haven't even finished ONE season, and the networks have given up on it. ABC swears it's not cancelled, and that they're just looking for a timeslot... The only network even playing the rest of the episodes is SPACE here in Canada.

And of course, it's just getting good. The first couple of episodes were like soap opera in space, just going over the character's relationships while in my opinion, ignoring all the good sci-fi stuff. But the last few episodes have turned it up a notch, now that they've discovered the "real reason" for the mission. I'm starting to care about the characters, they've really been flushed out--so, of course, time to be cancelled.

Or, at least I hope not.


Moments of laugh-out-loud humour, particularly when Chevy Chase is involved. The guy's still got it, as long as it's sketch or situational comedy like this is. The lead is your typical spiky-haired no-gooder "cool" guy, but the supporting cast helps make it funny. Hopefully this lasts longer than most NBC comedy shows.

Jay Leno

Being a car guy, I find Jay Leno is probably the coolest man on Earth. But as a tv show host? He's the most boring man alive, and possibly the second-least-funniest, next to a modern-day Eddie Murphy. He wasn't funny at 11:30, he isn't funny now. Thank god for Conan O'brien, who has more funny in his left testicle than Jay ever had.


I'm a huge fan of RJS' book, so I'm.... cautiously optimistic here. The first few episodes have made it radically different from the book, with a few in-jokes for his fans. There have been some things a little hard to stomach--like the fact that we only seem to have a few FBI agents investigating a world-wide scientific phenomenon (I mean, one episode like that would be fine, but we're almost four episodes in and not a single physicist has been appointed to help out?)... And then the glaring question of how the hell they're going to make this an ongoing tv series when the story seems to pan out in one, MAYBE two seasons tops... Still, worth checking out, for now.


Just began season 2, picking up just as good as it ended. I may do a future post on this, about how Fringe is a better X-Files (twice the storyline, half the bullshit), but for now suffice it to say, go check out Season 1 if you haven't, to catch up. Damn good stuff.


Also starting season 2, sort of a cross between Alias and The Prisoner, I'm just getting into Season 1 now, but I'm already glad to see they renewed it. Gorgeous lead in a super-agent role, with a really deep backstory/conspiracy going on. Good stuff.

The Office

Still the funniest show on TV. Period.


So... SO HARD... To keep watching. But it's like crack... No matter how much you hate it, you keep coming back. Season 2 was trash, season 3 didn't help much... It looks like this season has become a "wipe the slate and start over" deal... Which could be good. But having Sylar stuck in a "pretend Nathan" body isn't helping... And I still find anything involving Hiro so annoying I have fast forward through it.

But I keep coming back for Sylar and Noah.

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