Monday, September 14, 2009

Bodine is a Tard

Am I the only one who thinks Crafton didn't do anything wrong?

For those who didn't see the truck race from Gateway, you can see the recap at

Basically, Crafton had the fastest truck, especially on short runs toward the end of the race. On a late restart, Bo-whine blatantly blocked him into Turn 1, cutting him right off. Crafton was damn-near in the grass and had nowhere to go--the only way to avoid getting into Bodine at that time would be to spin himself out--with 10 laps to go. So he spun him. Sucks that Braun got caught up in the wreck, but Crafton did NOTHING wrong. And what does Bodine do? His usual bitching, saying that he did, in fact, want to block him, did it all on purpose, and expected Crafton to just slam on the brakes? Gimme a friggin' break. Blocking like that on a short track (or near enough to one) is just stupid.

And as far as the spin on Hornaday... I've been a huge Hornaday fan since the mid-90s, he's the man but... He still cut Crafton off, tucked him down way too far, and Crafton's hungry for a win and racing for a championship. What did he expect him to do? For ONCE the master of restarts got a bad restart, and Crafton pounced.

So instead Crafton ends up with a black flag and has to race from 12th to 6th at the finish. He cut into Hornaday's lead by a few points, but not nearly as many as he would have from the win.

I'm definitely not a believer that wreckin is racin', but there was no fault of Crafton's in that race--Hornaday had been aggressive and choppy the entire race, and Crafton didn't make down. Plain and simple.

What sucks is that Bo-whine is gonna end up wrecking Crafton next week just for the hell of it. And that's a shame, because Crafton's run might've meant an actual championship fight, on par with the last few seasons in the Trucks, instead of Hornaday walking away with it.

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