Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Barrichello and Martin: Eerie similarities...

I'll keep my comments on the Renault bullshit brief:

Everyone involved should be ashamed; F1 has always been about money and power instead of racing, it's just that occasionally we get good racing as a byproduct. From all of Michael Schumacher's bullshit cheating (the man does not deserve to be the champion he is) to the whole McLaren-spying-on-Ferrari debacle, it's almost expected nowadays. But when you cross that line from enhancing your performance or forcing a track condition that shouldn't be under your control, to deliberately putting your own life and the lives of your fellow races in MORTAL DANGER, you don't belong in motorsport. Period.

On to a more cheerful topic...

Rubens Barrichello and Mark Martin--are these two guys the shit or what? Both are having amazing seasons; not necessarily statistically their best (yet), but in terms of attitude, fun-factor, and the drive to win.

The similarities are pretty startling:

- Rubens is only 37, but that's deemed "old" in F1 these days. Mark is 50, which is also deemed "old" in NASCAR.

- Both had limited success in their early big league careers, before landing that big name ride (Ferrari, Roush Racing)...

- Both spent the better part of that so-called "prime" of their career winning often, yet always playing bridesmaid and just not quite getting that championship they should've (both finishing 2nd in points on more than one occasion)...

- Both are fan favourites who enjoy a huge following.

- Both have the attitude that they're there to win, but also to have fun and just happy to be a part of the sport.

- Both were driving for shitty teams after leaving the big name rides (BAR, Ginn Racing) and looked like their careers might be over when those teams folded.

- And both are now driving for the top team in their respective series, racking up wins and fighting for the championship, in what many thought was the twilight of their careers.

It's really pretty amazing. And who wouldn't want to see either of these guys take the title? We've only got a couple months to find out...

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