Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Alonso Signs With Ferrari (Shocker!)

Cuz, y'know, they've only been talking about it since February.

Alonso's just about the closest thing to Michael Schumacher left in Formula 1--cold, calculating, knows the business side of it just as well as the driving side of it. How he didn't end up at Ferrari earlier I'll never know, but I respect the loyalty he showed to Renault. And he did bring them two world championships, beating Schumacher in the process, which is nothing to scoff at.

I'm still not sure about Raikkonen in the McLaren though--he was never one to play second fiddle, although he ended up doing so in 2008, to Massa. Still, I'm glad to see him back there with my favourite team, and for the first time since maybe 1998, I'm actually excited about the UPCOMING F1 season--the prospect of Ferrari and McLaren having figured out their cars, going head to head with Brawn and probably Red Bull. Sebastien Vettel will be a threat for wins, but I still think Red Bull is too inconsistent to challenge seriously for the title. But much like this year and last, we're looking at the possibility of four different teams (Ferrari, McLaren, Brawn, Red Bull) winning races, and a serious possibility of seven or eight drivers taking race wins.

Certainly a far cry from the boredom of Schumacher's reign...

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